TCABT-XIII Results …

TCABT-XIII: 13 entrants (12 pictured) – L to R: Barry Boevers, Ben Lofgren, Leroy Arnoldi, Phil Geraffo (standing directly behind Leroy), Dave Jones, Garth Andersen, Rob Skogen, Jerry Jacobs, Robert Elley (standing directly behind Jerry), Kevin Cluff, Jim Hall, Jim F. – Not pictured is Dave Norlander. The group photo was taken the morning of, before the games started, outside of the Shakopee Community Youth Center.

The Twin Cities APBA Baseball Tournament finally resumed action by holding its belated “April Trophy” tourney on Saturday, August 8th.

Our new tourney site, the Shakopee Community Youth Center, was put to the test. The overwhelming response to the new location, was that this can work for future TCABT events, even with 30+ attendees on hand.

The Shakopee Community Youth Center

A special thanks to Terry and Gary Borthwick, for offering to drive to the new site and take photos as the entrants arrive on site, including taking the group photo. The Borthwick’s are regular tournament entrants, but decided to sit this one out.

Gary Borthwick sneaks in a photo of his wife Terry. Even though both were not playing in this tourney, they took the time to show up early and take a few photos, including the group photo. You can blame her NYC roots for the wearing of the Yankees jersey.
Robert Elley from Longview, TX, takes the “long distance” award for his trek to the Twin Cities. Robert’s wife has a son who works for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, so the trip allows them a chance to visit. Robert managed the 2017 Astros today.
You could tell by the walk, Ben Lofgren meant business today … 13 wins and 2 losses was the record for his champion 2019 Astros.
Ben, Kevin Cluff (2019 Twins) and Jim F. (1931 Athletics)
Fearless Rob Skogen, and his 1995 Indians, had plans to “reverse the curse” …
Terry, Barry Boevers (1977 Phillies), Garth Andersen (1967 Cardinals) and Ben.
Phil Geraffo (1969 Twins) ready to play “Billy-ball” …
Leroy Arnoldi (1936 Yankees) arrives for his shot at April immortality.
The man behind the mask, TCABT first-timer, Jim Hall (1985 Expos).
Gag prop of the day … Robert Elley came prepared, for both his 2017 Astros and Ben Lofgren’s 2019 Astros. The garbage can fitted with the Houston Astros logo, a miniature baseball bat and 2 dice, with only “6’s” on each side.


 Saturday, August 8th, 2020 
52019 TWINS (KEVIN CLUFF)6254459
 1969 TWINS (PHIL GERAFFO)352439-15
 1995 INDIANS (ROB SKOGEN)083552-17
62017 ASTROS (ROBERT ELLEY)63594910
 1976 REDS (DAVE JONES)453651-15
22019 ASTROS (BEN LOFGREN)72423012
 1985 EXPOS (JIM HALL)091957-38
Jim F. accepting a “bribe” payment from Leroy Arnoldi before play begins, as Phil Geraffo and Jerry Jacobs look on …

The division races were tight, especially between the top 2 teams in each division.

In the Left Field Division, Dave Norlander’s 1 loss was to Kevin Cluff’s 2019 Twins. Kevin Cluff finished 6-2 with the potent 2019 Twins lineup, and entered bracket play with their 2nd place finish as the #5 seed. Finishing 3rd, and qualifying for bracket play, was Jerry Jacob’s 1928 Athletics. He went 4-4 in division play, winning his first 2, losing his middle 4 then winning his final 2 to qualify. In what seemed to be a theme for those powerful late 20’s/early 30’s A’s teams today, Jerry saw his ’28 Jimmie Foxx and Al Simmons go a combined 9 for 80 with 1 double and 1 triple. Phil Geraffo’s 1969 Twins started out the day with a 3-1 record. But losses in the final 4 games spelled doom for Phil and his Twins, finishing with a 3-5 record.

Meanwhile, Rob Skogen’s ’95 Indians lost 4 games by 1 run each, in going 0-8. For the record, this is the 2nd time Rob has brought the ’95 Indians to a TCABT tourney. Each time, they have gone 0-8 for Rob. In all, the ’95 Indians have been entered in our tournament, 9 times. They have gone 0-16 when Rob manages them, and 36-34 when other skippers have been at the helm. They have made bracket play 3 of the 9 times they have been entered. Rob Skogen’s overall TCABT W-L record when he does not bring the ’95 Indians, is 51-49. Will Rob try a 3rd time with these ’95 Indians? We all hope so …

Say-hey, it is tourney day!! Pictured are Leroy, Jerry Jacobs and Garth Anderson.

In the Center Field Division, it was a day of sweeping, or getting swept, with only 2 of the series in the division not seeing sweeps. In an opening series, the battle of Philly, went to my ’31 A’s, 2 games to 1, over Barry Boevers’ 1977 Phillies, the eventual Center Field Division champs. It would be Fraasch’s ’31 A’s last wins of the day. Jim’s A’s dropped the next 6 games, getting swept by Dave Jones’ 1976 Reds and the Robert Elley’s 2017 Astros. ’31 Lefty Grove (A&C-YZ) finished the day 1-2 with a team worst 6.48 ERA. Meanwhile, the sure-fire slugger tandem of ’31 Jimmie Foxx and Al Simmons, went a combined 11 for 62, with 1 homer, 2 triples and 3 doubles and 7 RBI combined. Barry and his ’77 Phils, after starting the day 1-2, then swept the 3-0 ’17 Astros to move into first place with a 4-2 record. They would then take 2 of 3 from Dave Jones’ 1976 Reds, to finish 6-3. The 2017 Astros, led by Robert Elley, started out with a 3-0 sweep of the ’76 Reds, then getting swept by the ’77 Phils, before finishing the day with a 3-0 sweep of the ’31 A’s. The ’77 Phillies and 2017 Astros tied with 6-3 records, but Barry and his ’77 Phils won the head-to-head tie-breaker with their sweep of the Astros. Dave Jones ’76 Reds, after starting 0-3, looked to get back into contention with their 3-0 sweep of the ’31 A’s, only to lose 2 of 3 in the last series to the ’77 Phils.

Barry Boevers (’77 Phils) before the full gang arrives …

In the Right Field Division, it was a battle of the haves, and the have-nots. The front-running 2019 Astros managed by Ben Lofgren and the powerful 1936 Yankees led by Leroy Arnoldi, opened up division play with their 3 game series. Ben’s Astros set the tone early, with a 5-1 win in game 1, and after falling 4-0 in game 2, the Astros won division game 3, 7-5. This 2nd loss by the ’36 Yanks would be Leroy’s final loss in division play, as he won his final 6 games to finish 7-2. Somehow, Leroy’s “C-grade” laden rotation, pitched 4 shut-outs. The staff gave up just 18 runs in 9 games. Not to be outdone, Ben’s 2019 Astros took another 2 of 3 series, from Garth Andersen’s 1967 Cardinals, losing only game 3 by a 2-1 score. The Astros were only able to outscore the “light-hitting” ’67 Cardinals, 10-8 in their 3 game series. Needing to gain 3 wins in his final series of the day, Ben wasted no time in taking down Jim Hall and his darkhorse, 1985 Expos, in 3 games. Scores of 12-8, 5-3 and 3-1, show that the last 2 games were very close for Jim Hall, looking for his first win in tourney play. It was not to be, as the 1985 Expos finished 0-9 on the day. This is the first time in TCABT history, where we had 2 teams finish win-less in the same tourney. Garth Andersen and his ’67 Cardinals, hung tough all day, finishing 1-game under .500 in a tough division. With a 4-5 record, they were good enough to take the #8 seed as a wild-card, entering bracket-play. Andersen’s ’67 Cards swept Hall’s ’85 Expos in the opening series, and thru their first 6 games, were standing at 4-2. But 2 shutouts hurled by Leroy’s ’36 Yankee staff, were part of the 3-game sweep of the ’67 Cards in the final series of the day. Thanks to Ben’s 2019 Astros winning the opening 3-game series over Leroy’s 1936 Yankees, the 2019 Astros took 1st in the RF Division. Leroy became the #4 seed in bracket play, finishing 2nd in the RF Division.

Dave Jones (’76 Reds) and Jim Hall (’85 Expos) checking out the view, before play begins …


With only 1 bracket series going the full 3-games, we were finished in record time, 6pm.

With only 1 of the bracket-play series going the full 3 games, it was a quick finish to TCABT-XIII. We were finished by 6:00pm Saturday. Ben Lofgren and his 2019 Astros breezed through bracket play with a perfect 6-0 record, to gain the April Trophy, Ben’s first championship in TCABT play. Ben’s road to the championship started with a 2-game sweep of Jerry Jacob’s ’28 A’s in the Quarter-finals. Then another 2-game sweep of Barry Boever’s ’77 Phillies in the Semi-finals.

Barry Boevers (’77 Phillies) battle Ben Lofgren (2019 Astros) in one Semi-final …

Meanwhile, last October’s tourney champion, Dave Norlander and his 1910 A’s took care of Garth Andersen and his 1967 Cardinals in the Quarter-finals, 2 games to none, giving up just 1 run in those 2 games. Dave then advanced to the championship series with a 2-1 series win over Leroy’s battling ’36 Yanks, scoring 26 runs in the series final 2 games. This was the only series to go the full 3 games in bracket play.

Dave Norlander (1910 A’s) vs Leroy Arnoldi (1936 Yankees) in the other Semi-final, the only bracket series to go the full 3 games … note, you need to look closely to see Leroy’s clear full-face shield … this seemed to help muffle Leroy’s “BANG! goes the DYNAMITE!” call …
Kevin with front row seats as Leroy (with an icy glare off his face shield) battles Dave …

The TCABT-XIII Championship was between Ben’s 2019 Astros and Dave’s 1910 Athletics. A nice match-up of “new” vs “old”. Power won out, as Ben’s 2019 Astros proved to be no match for the pesky 1910 A’s. The poor fielding of the 1910 A’s, was one culprit, but the relentless hitting of the 2019 Astros never slowed down. The 2019 Astros 6 wins with no defeats through bracket play, they outscored their opponents, 41-21. The 2019 Astros hit 37 homers in their 15 games rolled for the day.

Dave Norlander (1910 A’s) and Ben Lofgren (2019 Astros) battle for the championship as Jim F. observes …

A BIG congratulations to Ben Lofgren on his first TCABT Championship!!! Ben is looking forward to his younger brother, Beau Lofgren, to return to TCABT action in the coming tournaments. Due to scheduling conflicts, Beau has had to unfortunately miss the last few tourneys. The rivalry is just heating up, as Beau will be looking to match championships with brother Ben …

Dave still thinking about a potential TCABT “1st”, to become the 1st with “Legend” status in TCABT, which is getting your name on both the April and October trophies. Dave won last October’s trophy with the ’38 Yankees. Ben feeling content, if not confident, he might end up with his first TCABT Championship …
By 6pm, we had our TCABT-XIII Champion crowned … CONGRATS!!! to Ben Lofgren on left, with runner-up, Dave Norlander on right. Note the “TIN” garbage can in front of Ben … ironically, this was a pre-tournament “gag” gift to Ben from none other than Dave Norlander …
High point of my day, win or lose (more losses than wins) is posing with the tournament champion, Ben Lofgren. Incredible day for Ben going 13-2 on the day. Here’s to the next championship …

The upcoming TCABT-XIV (October Trophy) will be held Saturday, October 17th. The location will be the same, the Shakopee Youth Center in Shakopee, MN. Meanwhile, for TCABT-XV, Spring of 2021, date is TBD.

TCABT-XIV: Saturday, October 17th

TCABT-XV: Saturday, March 27th

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