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slideshow_1370612_patsTom Brady wearing the Patriots road throwback jersey/helmet/uniform.

Ask Tom Brady or any other New England Patriot player since the 2001 season, does the uniform matter?  Chances are, the answer is “no”.  The Patriots have now won their 6th Super Bowl, all with Tom Brady as quarterback and Bill Belichick as the head coach.  What matters is:  #1 – You have a competent coach, capable of handling a roster of 50+ players, and coming up with the right game plan.  #2 – Having a hall-of-fame worthy quarterback.  #3 – An offensive line.  #4 – A defense which can still prevent points in a day and age when the rules favor the offense.

I am not a New England Patriots fan.  However, I am a big fan of their “alternate” or “throwback” uniforms.  Not only are the road whites wonderful, but the home “reds” are as well.

patriots-throwbackThe Patriots looking good in “throwback” red.

Why then, do the New England Patriots choose to wear these?

2018_patriots_uniforms2018 New England Patriots uniform.

Perhaps the marketing folks know more than I do (not a stretch).  If the navy blue jerseys are selling, then why change uniforms?  I’m not saying navy blue uniforms are all bad.  But when you have the old AFL Patriots colors, which are easy on the eyes, why not go with the throwbacks for all 16 games?  At this point, the Patriots have won their 6 Super Bowls, so there is almost no chance they change anything now.  About the only thing which may convince the Patriots to change, is if they start losing.  And even then, the marketing brass will figure it out.

Growing up in Minnesota, I had it made.  The Vikings purple and gold uniforms were bright and vivid.

Hugh-Mcelhenny-minnesota-vikingsfran_1962Hugh McElhenny (#39) and Fran Tarkenton in early 60’s Viking threads.

The Minnesota North Stars colors were fresh and really different than the original 6 colors/sweaters (which are all terrific, yesterday and today).

goldsworthymaniagoBill Goldsworthy and Cesar Maniago make North Star fans proud.

The North Stars green and gold were easy uniforms for me to like, as were the Oakland A’s of the early 1970’s.

Reggie Jackson, Gene Tenace, Joe Rudi.

Major League Baseball, uniform wise, has cycled through the old and the new and have offered plenty of throwback uniform scheduled games, which give the fans a nice look at what teams of yesteryear wore on game day.  This is a nice diversion from current day MLB uniforms which seem to follow a trend toward uniforms which do not always look much different from team to team.  The Cardinals, Red Sox and Reds should wear their red colors proudly.  However, the Angels, Rangers, Indians, Phillies and Nationals also favor red to the point where their uniforms do not stand out as much, since they really blend together, color wise.

When is red too much red?

Red is certainly a popular and bright color, however, in baseball it is probably over played.  Of course, if you are the NFL New England Patriots, your throwback red will never go out of style.

From sport to sport, and team to team, I tend to lean towards traditional, old-style, uniform looks, but more importantly, some variance is good.  When more and more teams start to look the same with each new uniform design marketed upon the buying rubes, different is good, even if “different” means going back to the old-school look.

al_1954_washington1954 Washington Senators


For those interested, some great uniform sites:


Baseball Hall of Fame Uniform Database

Gridiron Uniform Database

NBA Jersey Museum

NHL Uniform Database

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