TCABT-VIII: Announcement … Saturday, October 7th, 2017


The Neil Ess Memorial Twin Cities APBA Baseball Tournament has always been held on the first Saturday’s of each April and October.


  • Date:  Saturday, October 7th, 2017
  • Location:  Darrel Skogen’s home in Maple Grove, MN
    • 9575 Glacier Lane, Maple Grove, MN 55369
  • Time:  8:15am till finish (plan on around 6:00pm)
  • Team selection:  Begins Saturday, July 8th at 12:00am

Any MLB team from 1901 to 2016 is eligible, except for the following previous TCABT champions:

  • 1927 YANKEES
  • 1954 GIANTS
  • 1902 PIRATES
  • 1937 YANKEES
  • 2011 RANGERS
  • 1930 CARDINALS
  • 1930 YANKEES


Team selection will begin in July.

  • For TCABT-VIII, team selection begins:  Saturday, July 8th at 12:00am

Email your top 3 team selections to Jim Fraasch at “” starting after midnight on Friday (Saturday AM).  Teams are awarded on a first entry received basis.  If your team has already been selected before you turned in your entry, you would then be given choice #2 or #3 on your list, etc.

Team selection period concludes at the end of the day, Friday, September 15th.


Long-time APBA employee, the late Veryl Lincoln (1945-2015), attends a Red Sox game at Fenway.

Some tournament rules include:

  • 22 man roster
  • DH must be used
  • 4-man rotation in division play (to be a starting pitcher, pitcher must have made at least 10 starts in actual season)
  • 3-man rotation during the “best-of-three” bracket play, with the rotation starting over for the beginning of each series.
  • 8 teams qualify for the “best-of-three” bracket play.
  • For a player to be in the starting lineup, he must have had at least 100 PA during the actual season.
  • For a non-pitcher to be on the roster, he must have had at least 25 PA during the actual season.
  • Basic game, using all advanced rules.
  • We also use the APBA Journal Error Distribution Card and Unusual Play Card.
  • We also have our own Bases Empty Error Re-roll card for Fielding One infielders (2b, SS, 3B)
  • No injuries extend past the current game (players are only injured for the remainder of the game)
  • No rain-outs, re-roll dice using Unusual Play Card a 2nd time.


Jeff Boeding and his 1930 Yankees won TCABT-VII last April over Marty Lee’s 1977 Royals.



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