ABCL: Team Preview – 1927 Pittsburgh Pirates



1927 Pittsburgh Pirates

W:  94  L:  60  PCT:  .610


The 1927 Pittsburgh Pirates are like the younger brother who never gets noticed because the older brother (the 1927 New York Yankees) accomplished too much.  The Pirates in their own right were a very strong hitting ballclub.  The Pirates led the NL in batting with a .305 team batting average (the Yankees led the AL with a .307 BA).  Any team compared to the 1927 Yankees with Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, are going to start out behind the 8-ball.  The Pirates will hit, but with a team total of 54 HR, they finish 2nd to Babe Ruth’s 60.  In this 4-team NL Challenge, I am interested in seeing how their hitting and adequate pitching might allow them to compete for another Pennant.

The Pirates lineup will not have a weak bat, other than at Catcher, with Johnny Gooch (.258/.305/.351).  But with a name like Gooch, you cannot help but be happy with him in the lineup.


(Johnny Gooch)

The Waner brothers, Paul (Big Poison) and Lloyd (Little Poison) combined for 460 hits between them in 1927.


(Big Poison and Little Poison)

Lloyd was the lead-off hitter, batting .355 with a .396 OBP.  Paul was your ever dangerous 3-hole hitter, with a .380 BA, and 69 XBH (9 HR, 18 3B, 42 2B).  His numbers remind me of one of my childhood favorites, Rod Carew of the Twins, in 1977 batting .388 with 14 HR, 16 3B and 38 2B (68 XBH).

(Paul Waner/Rod Carew)

With the Waner brothers handling lead-off and 3-hole duties, Pie Traynor was another front-line standout on this club.  Traynor hit .342 with 46 XBH on the season.  The true essence of this ’27 Pirates lineup can best be absorbed as if you are looking at the batting leaders for another season, when it is just this ’27 Pirates lineup, listed in order of batting average:

P. Waner ….  .380

L. Waner ….  .355

Traynor ….  .342

Harris ….  .326

Barnhart ….  .319

Cuyler ….  .309

Grantham ….  .305

Wright ….  .281

Gooch ….  .258

Paul Waner and Glenn Wright led the team in homers, with 9 each.  While this team will not be known for their HR prowess, they will put together big innings with their ability to get on-base and deliver a bases clearing double or triple.  Kiki Cuyler (.309) and Clyde Barnhart (.319) will take turns at DH, with the other playing in the OF.

(Pie Traynor/Kiki Cuyler)

(Glenn Wright/George Grantham)

On the mound, there is plenty of pitching to compete, but not as much as the 1906 Cubs and 1969 Mets.  Lee Meadows (19-10, 3.40) leads the starting staff with 38 actual starts.  Vic Aldridge (15-10, 4.25) is the #2 starter, making 34 starts.  Carmen Hill (22-11, 3.24), the highest graded pitcher for the 1927 Pirates, is the #3 starter in the rotation, with 31 starts.  And rounding out the rotation is Ray Kremer (19-8, 2.47) with 28 starts.  Kremer will close out the rotation even though he is their strongest grade-wise pitcher, having the fewest number of starts for main 4 starters.  2 pitchers will provide adequate relief in John Miljus (BZ) and Mike Cvengros (B*).  But Pittsburgh will be relying on long starts from their 4-man rotation.

The Rotation:






(Ray Kremer)

Fielding wise, the ’27 Pirates will be stuck at “Fielding Two”.  Other than Lloyd Waner (OF-3) and Pie Traynor (3B-6) the other positions are merely average to poor.

The success of the 1927 Pirates will depend on their lineup producing 1 thru 9, and a pitching staff which includes 1 AZ and 2 BZ starters.


(Lloyd Waner, Babe Ruth, Paul Waner, Lou Gehrig)

1927 Pittsburgh Pirates Schedule:


Games 1-2, (13-14, 25-26):  ’53 Dodgers at ’27 Pirates

Games 3-4, (15-16, 27-28):  ’69 Mets at ’27 Pirates

Games 5-6, (17-18, 29-30):  ’27 Pirates at ’06 Cubs

Games 7-8, (19-20, 31-32):  ’27 Pirates at ’53 Dodgers

Games 9-10, (21-22, 33-34):  ’27 Pirates at ’69 Mets

Games 11-12, (23-24, 35-36):  ’06 Cubs at ’27 Pirates




2 thoughts on “ABCL: Team Preview – 1927 Pittsburgh Pirates

  1. Hi- This is such a terrific blog. Very well done, entertaining and informative. My buddy Ed Meek is a huge APBA fan. We met in 1979 after he had graduated from Northview High in Covina. My other best friend, Kurt, had just finished an all-time great team league using another game, Extra Innings. I saw an ad in the EI newsletter looking for opponents, and it had Ed’s name and number, and we’ve been friends ever since. Kurt and I used to love visiting Ed in Covina where we would roll the bones for hours. Ed introduced me to APBA, which I eventually bought the following year. I rarely play it, but did finish an eight team draft league, with a short fifty game season. Just this past month however, I decided to give it a good solid try for a follow up to a draft league I did based on the 87 NL season, which used Extra Innings. We’ll see how that goes. For the time being I am busy with another EI project called the Retro 5Y League, which is yet another draft league of mine. The link to my website is below, if you care to take a look. It’s nowhere near as good as yours, but it gives me a little forum to write about my league. I also own Statis-Pro and Strat, and for many reasons, I enjoy going through all the posts on the APBA Delphi Forums. Anyway, keep up the good work!

    Go Dodgers!


    1. Hi Louie, thanks for the nice comments. BTW, do you know Kevin Cluff personally? Ed Meek was a friend of Kevin’s I believe (ie, see the interview I did of Kevin Cluff a few posts ago). – Jim


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