Jim’s APBA Barn

Jim’s APBA Barn is now open … a full harvest of replays, tournament action, set reviews, etc.  The content of this blog will consist mostly of APBA Baseball, but I will also include some APBA Saddle Racing content as well.  The APBA Saddle Racing game remains my 2nd favorite APBA game, but there is not much out there about APBA Saddle Racing.  I hope to change that, one blog post at-a-time.

As for my current project load, I am through May 20th, 1965 in my 1965 APBA Baseball replay.  326 games of 1620 have been rolled, using the Basic Game with modifications.  I am also playing a 1973 APBA Baseball tournament, using all 24 teams from 1973, the original card set, and playing best-of-7 series.  I will post about each of these projects as time allows.

I will also post about old APBA games and sets which are part of my APBA collection.  I will provide photos, and some commentary about those products.

Lastly, I will provide updates to the Neil Ess Memorial Twin Cities APBA Baseball Tournment as needed.  Our next event (TCABT-V) is scheduled for Saturday, April 2nd, 2016.  TCABT-IV saw our biggest turn-out with 23 teams entered.  We hope to keep growing, and TCABT-V should be our biggest turn-out yet.


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